All clubs in the SAC must be an official club of NCWSA. This costs $30 a year for you club. is paid at the first tournament of the fall season!

Also every single member of your club must be a registered individual member of NCWSA. When I say every club member I mean everyone, not just competing team members. For a member of a collegiate club it costs each individual $5 per year to join NCWSA. Failure to comply with this NCWSA rule will result in the dismissal of any scores at NCWSA tournaments. Recreational services for the University in question will also be contacted. Individual memberships renew each year on September 30 and should be paid as each individual joins each club.


The SAC follows all AWSA and NCWSA rules, regulations and standards. The level and credibility of the skiing in the SAC is no less than at a USAWS Class "C" tournament since all SAC tournament are class "C." Below you will find the rules books for USAWS, NCWSA, and Standards for NCWSA sanctioned events. Such things like the all important "Letter of Eligibility" sample can be found in the NCWSA rules. They can be seen with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which should already be installed in your browser. If not, you can download it at


Registration for SAC Tournaments are held at the "Headquarters Hotel" for that specific tournament (EXAMPLE: Auburn holds registration in the Auburn Cabin at Twin Pines Resort) on the Friday night before the tournament begins and also at the tournament lake from 7:00-7:30 AM on Saturday morning. Items needed at registration are your completed team roster, signed team release form, and also all of the registration money for your team (EXAMPLE: If Alabama has 15 skiers they must have $375). Over the years different forms of registration have been used and many different types of registration forms. Below are downloadable documents of the forms that the SAC would like you to use for registration at the request of SAC Officials and Scorers.

Registration Form, fill - in(PDF type)

Tournament Bid Form

Tournament Bid Form, fill-in PDF type